2019 Syndicates

In this our twenty sixth year I am delighted to present the new syndicates to race in 2019 which this year are named after great adventurers and explorers. The men and women who have so kindly given their names are truly remarkable people as you will see from their short biographies.

At Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, we only use the best trainers who not only know how we like to operate but who also work closely with us on a professional level to ensure that we get the very best out of our horses in their respective care. With this in mind, you will see that it is possible to create your own two horse syndicates from the single horse options – something which has proven to be really popular over the past couple of years. 

I very much hope that you will take a share in one of these new ventures as we look forward with great optimism to the years ahead!

2019 Syndicates

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