Available shares

Syndicate namePrice per shareRacing type
The David Hockney£8,500Flat
The George Stubbs£9,500Flat
The Anthony Gormley£9,500Flat
The 5th Earl of Carnarvon£38,950Flat
The Levison Wood£20,500 Flat
The Ben Saunders£19,950Flat
The Rosie Swale Pope£13,500Flat
The Lt. Scott Sears£12,950Flat
The Benedict Allen£11,750Flat
The Karen Darke£10,600Flat
The Miles Hilton-Barber£10,600Flat
The Claire Lomas£9,500 Flat
The Helen Skelton£8,500Flat
The Shanghai Syndicate£7,950Flat
The Dream On£6,600Flat
The Syon House£6,950Flat
The Getaway£5,950 National Hunt
The Alfie Corbitt£6,950National Hunt
The Danse Idol£10,400National Hunt
The Dundeel Syndicate$19,244Highclere Australia

All shares are sold on a first come first served basis.

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