The Hannah Stodel

  • Number of horses 1
  • Number of shares 20
  • Average cost per horse €90,000
  • Cost per share £7,300
  • Available shares No

Hannah Stodel is a is a three times World Champion and four times Paralympian.

Growing up on the East Coast of England, sailing became a way for Hannah to show her independence. On the water she found herself on a level playing field with other kids her age. Within a few years her determination became self-evident, beating men in non-disabled classes at an international level.

With a fierce determination and a "never give up" attitude, Hannah has taken on the world from the water and become an inspirational champion athelete. 

Now she is undertaking the greatest challenge yet, her personal "Everest". In 2020 she aiming to be the first ever disabled sailor to compete the Vendée Globe.


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