George Baker

Location: Chiddingfold, Surrey.  With a lifelong passion for horseracing, George was granted a licence to train in early 2008 and trained his first winner in March of that year. George trained over one hundred winners from his original training base in Warwickshire before moving to Whitsbury in January 2011. George then subsequently moved to the historic Manton Estate near Marlborough.

George has been at Robins Farm, a state of the art racehorse training facility in Surrey, since 2017.  It boasts immaculate gallops amidst stunning scenery. 

George has trained over 400 winners, including a Royal Ascot winner with Belgian Bill. There have been several pattern successes both here and abroad, and GB Racing horse boxes are often seen on continental motorways. “Have horse, will travel” is very much a mantra for the team. This has been rewarded with winners in Dubai, Turkey, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and on the Channel Islands. And runners have performed with credit in the USA, Scandinavia and Spain.

Commodore, a useful and consistent handicapper, was the first horse that he has trained for Highclere although George’s involvement with Highclere goes back some way as his mother, Lally, is one of Highclere’s original and most long-standing owners.

This year George has trained twenty five winners and is quietly increasing the number of horses in the yard. His welcome is legendary and hospitality is very often provided out of the back of his jeep at festival meetings where George’s bloody mary’s are always in high demand!

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